The company

New Playing was born to be able to market sexy products for an adult audience through our main site.

The sex shops are shops increasingly frequented by thousands of people, even by long-standing couples, who wish to put a little imagination into their relationship.
For this reason, investing in this sector could be advantageous, especially for those who want to undertake the business without too much risk and without costly expenses.

NewPlaying is a brand of sexy franchised online shop, so it allows you to invest a little time because you do not need to have a physical store to set up and maintain.

Our online sales experts with clear ideas have thought about creating a quiet economic income with a small investment. Cosi is born New Playing, a company specialized in the distribution of items for adults, thanks to our team composed of dynamic and experienced staff, able to offer a simple but powerful B2C platform able to realize with a minimum investment (€ 2,000) your sexy shop online and do it "take off"!


The Affiliation

The franchise stems from the idea of ​​being able to offer our affiliates an effective, valid and serious tool for embarking on their business venture on the web through the Dropshipping system without incurring expensive costs. Dropshipping is a sales system whereby the seller sells a product to an end user, without materially owning it in his warehouse.

The articles that we will upload on our affiliate's website will be offered at wholesale cost and it will be enough for him to insert the top-up mark he prefers (eg 1 item pay € 4.90 for him and he sells € 19.90). Our affiliate will make the sale, transmit the order to us, we will send the product directly to the end user without any reference to us. Your customer will only know you!
In this way, our affiliate will take care exclusively of the advertising of the products, without the relative duties related to the packaging, shipping and warranty processes that are instead our responsibility. It is therefore possible to create a sales activity without the need to invest capital, without the need for warehouses or employees.

Our affiliate will be given a 100% customized shop, from the company logo to the site graphics, which thanks to our team of expert graphic designers is able to meet the needs of each client. In fact, even the management of the affiliate shop will be managed by us with an automatic synchronization with our database to be always updated in real time.
Our affiliate will have complete management of his shop but will always be supported by our team.

"The right way to get started is to stop talking
and start doing "

What we offer

Start Package - € 2,000.00 + VAT

    Choice and registration of domain name with professional web space,
    Creating custom accounts and emails,
    Graphic customization of the company logo,
    Graphic customization of the shop with an attractive graphic interface,
    Simple and intuitive management software,
    Invoices management system,
    Secure payment system with acceptance of all credit cards and Paypal system,
    E-commerce with loading of our products always in continuous update,
    Support and training until the shop is completely managed,
    Time required for setting up the activity: 15/25 days,
    Contract duration: 1 year.


Full Start Package - € 2,500 + VAT

In addition to the Start package you will have: advertising included or 100,000 impressions and 2,800 clicks and then 2,800 entries to YOUR Ecommerce website (the banner made by us will remain on line until we reach the 2800 guaranteed clicks visible from your control panel). Suppose that out of 2,800 clicks only 100 customers buy in your spending an average of 100 euros, we get 10,000 euros (ten thousand euros). If instead spend 50euro we get 5,000 euros (five thousand euros). If instead they spend 25 euros we get 2,500 euros (two thousand five hundred euros); RECOVERED CAPITAL.


Full package - € 3.000,00 + VAT

In addition to the Start package you will have: advertising included or 200,000 impressions and 5,600 clicks and then 5,600 entries to YOUR Ecommerce website. Suppose that on 5.600 clicks only 100 customers buy in your spending an average of 100 euros, we get 10,000 euros (ten thousand euros). If instead spend 50euro we get 5,000 euros (five thousand euros). If they spend 30 euros, we get 3,000 euros (three thousand euros); RECOVERED CAPITAL.


IL SexyShop Gosexy è un negozio online di vendita sex toys, la nostra garanzia è pacco anonimo al 100% e prodotti di altissima qualità, puoi pagare anche al corriere. è il brand di New Playing. Il sexy shop oggi assieme ai sex toys sono diventati i migliori amici delle donne. Questi giocattoli erotici non sono più un tabù, ma un aiuto divertente per migliorare la vita sessuale di coppia è quella dei single,infatti secondo un recente sondaggio,il sextoys è uno dei sistemi più efficaci e usati per far durare un matrimonio felice nel tempo. Che cosa spinge sempre più coppie ad acquistare in un sexy shop e ad utilizzare i sex toys? Facile ,rende il sesso più giocoso e partecipe.Non a caso toy in inglese significa giocattolo,e sex sesso,quindi sextoys sono chiamati anche giocattoli del sesso. I sextoys aiutano a superare i limiti personali nella vita a due, a sperimentare il piacere di coppia in modo divertente e a scoprire le novità che tanti non avevano mai provato.Secondo l’associazione italiana sessuologia e psicologia,il 60% dei casi è l’uomo a proporre i sex toys, e sette donne su dieci giudicano il loro utilizzo soddisfacente, ma tante donne si vergognano a comprarli e a dirlo al proprio partner,quindi se vi possiamo dare un consiglio fate in modo che la donna sia coinvolta,ma soprattutto con molta diplomazia chiedete a lei le voglie sessuali nascoste.

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